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Solid State Lighting

ADSP Consulting provides consulting and design services for new emerging field of Solid State Lighting. We provide full range of design services for all areas of Solid State Lighting Luminares.

We provide the following design services:

  • Off-line LED drivers.
  • Triac-dimmable LED drivers.
  • Buck, Boost and Buck-Boost drivers for use with 12VAC/DC electronic and magnetic transformers, dimmable with trailing-edge and leading-edge dimmers.
  • Drivers for LED halogen lamp substitutes.
  • Drivers for LED incandescent light bulb substitutes.
  • Drivers for battery-operated LED light sources.
  • Li-Ion/Li-Poly drivers, chargers and battery management design.
  • Active cooling designs, TEC and fan-based.
  • Specialized light sources for medical and industrial applications.