ADSP Consulting, LLC
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Software Expertise

ADSP Consulting has considerable experience in embedded software design. Drawing on our considerable experience with both hardware and software we can design embedded systems that is optimized in both hardware and software.

Here is sample of some of our most recent designs:

  • ARM core
    • ARM7 (Analog Devices,┬áST Micro, Atmel)
    • ARM9 (ST Micro, Atmel)
    • Cortex M3 (ST Micro)
  • DSP
    • Analog Devices Blackfin
    • Analog Devices SHARC
    • Texas Instrument DaVinci
    • Texas Instrument TMS320C55X
    • Texas Instrument TMS320C64X
    • Texas Instrument TMS320C67X
  • PIC microcontrollers
  • Renesas H8S series
  • Cypress PSoC
  • 8051/52 Core microcontrollers
    • Analog Devices ADuC Microconverters
    • Silicon Labs
    • Cypress FX series